Sunday, June 9, 2013

The New House!

So after deciding that we just weren't going to find "the perfect house" and that we should just rent with the plan to build, we found it! Well, I should say that I found it online and sent Nate to look at it. Then we made an offer and had the house under contract before I even saw it! Good thing he knew what he was looking for! We close at the end of June and are excited to be moving closer to Nate's work.  More daddy time!!! Here are a few pictures:

View out the back.  The house backs up to an open space park that has a trail and creek running through it. You can hop on the trail two houses down and we think it will be great for the kiddos! you SEE all of that counter space!? Maybe it will help cut back on the "I'm helping mom!" fighting since there will be space for them ALL to help! :)

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Janint said...

Sarah, your new house is so beautiful! I love reading your blog when I have time. You have inspired me again to keep up with mine. You are doing a great job raising a great family. Thanks for your example!