Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kansas City again

Last weekend we ended up making a trip to Kansas City for Nate's cousin Lauren's high school graduation party.  We decided to make the trip because we planned to go to the Kansas City temple now that it has been dedicated. The plan was to drive down Friday afternoon and Nate's sister Sara would meet us at the temple to take the girls and we could make the last session of the evening. Well...on the way Camille got carsick and threw up all over the place and she cried and cried and cried some more.  She is also "potty training" herself these days, so she thought she needed to "pee-pee" every 10 minutes.  What are you supposed to say to an almost 2 year old?  Thanks for wanting to use the potty, but right now it is just not convenient? So we did not actually make it to the temple on time. We still stopped and walked around the temple, which is beautiful.  Luckily Nate and I still were able to get to the temple Saturday morning, it just added a bunch of driving to our already lots of driving weekend. 
Kansas City Temple (crooked photo courtesy of Nate the Great)
I'm not sure the drive home was much better.  Camille kept up on her potty excuse to get out of her seat and we were done stopping, which left us with one screaming/tantrum throwing child for a good hour of the drive home. We'll just say she is not our best-travelling child ever! Overall the trip didn't work quite as well as we had hoped, but it was nice to see some of Nate's extended family and get to the temple one more time before baby comes!

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