Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nate's new job!

Nate started a new job on April 16!  He is now the "Director of Financial Reporting and Budgeting" for the Iowa State University Foundation.  The Foundation is the organization that does all of the fundraising for the University for things like scholarships, buildings, etc. So far he is really enjoying his new work...especially the fact that he is using his degrees and certification in ways that are actually appealing to him! We also can't complain about having ISU benefits :) Finally a job with real benefits!!! In between jobs Nate ended up with 2 whole weeks off of work.  Don't you worry, he still found plenty to do!  He got a few rounds of golf in, worked some for the retirement community behind us, PLAYED, and I made sure to put him to work around the house and in the yard! I had ordered tons of plants for our yard and they just so happened to arrive during his time off.  So now we have a bunch of lilacs, blueberries, blackberries, an apricot bush, sunflowers and some grasses growing...they are all teeny tiny for now, but we  look forward to watching them grow! While we were at it we created this little landscaping area out front.  It was kind of a mess from putting in the egress windows last fall and it is now much nicer to look at!  Thanks, Nate!!!

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