Saturday, May 5, 2012


Nate's whole first week on the new job Camille was super sick.  This lovely Primary HSV1 infection that makes my kiddos not eat, sleep, etc for a week and a half because their mouths, gums, tongues, lips become full of sores.  It wasn't the most enjoyable week ever.  At least it is just the first time the virus appears and after that it is just cold sores.  BUT if anybody has a cold sore, or might be getting one, you are NOT invited to hold  or be near the new baby when she comes (my other children included!!!) Camille made it to almost 2 years before getting it and it was awful...Alli had it at about the same age and it was also unpleasant...I can't imagine with it in a newborn! SCARY!
Anyhow...because I spent all week at home or at the Dr. I needed to get out of the house!  So even though the weather was a little yucky and Camille was not feeling quite 100%, we headed out to the VEISHEA parade on campus. The older girls loved the parade and the candy.  Camille eventually fell asleep and then I could enjoy it, too!

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