Wednesday, November 14, 2012

3 months

So technically this little cutie turned 3 months in the craziness between our Washington DC trip and the wedding travelling, but here she is at 3 months...and a week :) Can you tell she has discovered her tongue? 
Some 3 month baby Emma facts:
~she is the best sleeper EVER (10-12 hrs a night and I usually have to wake her up to take Allison to school in the morning)
~she is SO HAPPY and PATIENT!
~she weights 13lbs 9oz
~she is finding her hands and love to chew on them and watch them
~she likes to look the right ONLY...which is actually sort of a problem.  It is making her head flat on the right side.  Our job is to get her to look left as much as possible to strengthen/stretch her neck muscles and hopefully as she grows her head will reshape w/o any help :)
~she is such a great addition to our family!!!!

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