Friday, November 16, 2012

The Shed

Nate's latest project was this shed in our backyard.  Since he has a riding lawnmower...he also need a place to put it. There goes our cheap (garage sale) mower! :) Really our garage is huge and we have space for it, but we also have a playhouse in part of the garage for the girls...and with the mower it was just too cramped for winter-time playing. So here it is: before, during, and after. We thought about buying a kit shed to put together, but we wanted it to look like our house.  Our house isn't exactly "normal," so this is what we came up with! Nate hired the framers who did our basement to help with this project, and, of course, the girls helped, too!

Nate really likes this picture because it shows how the shed "matches" the house.

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