Friday, November 16, 2012


Welcome to the Pettitt Zoo: Iowa's Wildest Adventure!

This year for Halloween our family theme was the zoo. My mom started it by sending baby Emma a super cute giraffe costume.  After that I started thinking about how fun it would be to be a zoo...but wasn't sure how to pull it off.  While in DC I found a perfect little monkey costume for Camille. She HAD to be a monkey, well, because she is totally a monkey! Then I figured out how to make a zebra and a tiger with sweats and duct tape for Hannah and Allison.  Of course, Nate and I were the zookeepers for these crazy wild animals!  We had a lot of fun!

First up, our pumpkin fun.  Hannah did an amazing job carving her pumpkin all by herself!

 Not a great picture, but Hannah's pumpkin is the one in the middle.

 And the costumes!

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