Friday, August 8, 2014

February 2014

I don't really recommend feeling gross and sick because of the whole first trimester of pregnancy thing during the middle of a super cold and long winter. I always thought that being sick over Thanksgiving and Christmas (like I have been with a few of the girls) was no good, but at least the holidays gave me some distraction. Feeling sick in January, February and March is actually a whole lot less fun!!! So we had a few boring months while I was in survival mode. We did do a few things though :)
Nate's MBA Alumni association had a family day at one of the basketball games.  It was nice to head up to Ames and see ISU again.  We had a little gathering before the game at the Alumni building and then walked over to watch some basketball. It was a breast cancer awareness wear pink night....we can handle pink!

On Valentine's Day, the girls sent out this baby announcement to their grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles.

 One thing we did enjoy during the month of February was watching the Olympics. That was something I could handle! At the end of the month, Hannah had a 2nd grade music performance and their theme was the Olympics.  They all dressed up like athletes and sang songs having to do with the Olympics and sports. She's right in the middle, front row in the pink sweatsuit.  Can you spot her?

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