Friday, August 1, 2014


December, 2013
Our December started out a little more eventfully than we had planned!
First was this on Dec 11:
I had a kidney stone (which I don't really recommend!) that was much to large to pass on its own (7mm), but it tried to anyhow and got (painfully!) stuck.  This meant a quick surgery for me that left me feeling MUCH better! It also made me super grateful that we live near Nate's SUPER helpful family! Kirby came over in the middle of the night while we went to the ER and between Tiff and Kirby the girls were taken care of for a few days while I recovered. THANK YOU!

 Then this on Dec. 16:
What was all a little stressful was that one of the questions they ask before doing any of the tests in the ER or before surgery is "Are you pregnant?" My answer was "there is a chance." So in the ER they tested and got a negative pregnancy test.  I made them recheck before surgery, still negative. It was just too early to show up.  So after a little bit of panic on my part (I had just been taking all sorts of pain meds, antibiotics, had surgery, MRI, etc while pregnant!) I talked to the OB who switched my antibiotics to a different one, but reassured me that really it was too early for anything to have transferred to baby. A relief, but still stressful!
Baby is due August 23, 2014 and so far everything looks great!

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