Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Emma's Big Day!

Hard to believe that this little monkey is 2! Emma's birthday also happens to be the 4th of July, so she always gets a party and time with Daddy! We headed to Carroll on the 3rd and spent the day at Lake View playing in the water and sand and also riding on Kelsey's boat.

Next we headed to Grandma Eileen's house for dinner and cupcakes. Emma holding up two fingers to say she is 2!

Then we watched fireworks that evening. Emma was NOT IMPRESSED! She really did not like the fireworks and hid under this blanket the whole time.  Even now any time she hears a loud noise she gets worried and covers her ears.  Hopefully she forgets about it by next year and can enjoy them!

 The next morning Nate played in a golf event out at the Carroll Country Club and we headed out to Swan Lake with the kiddos. 

 Then we had to head home to pick up Grandma Deb from the airport. She flew in to celebrate with Miss Emma!

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