Thursday, February 12, 2015


Of course there were pumpkin :)

 Sister Bahr dropped of a surprise treat.  Some super cute donuts and a special gift for baby Rebecca.  Along with an adorable outfit and book, she gave Rebecca this blanket that she made.  Beautiful!

 Our theme this year was a basketball team.  We might cheat and do it again next year when Rebecca is big enough to actually be seen.  The girls were the players, Nate was the coach, and I was the referee. The girls all had their ages as their number on the back of their jerseys. As we were cutting the duct tape numbers out, Emma decided to "help" and cut a big hole right in the front of Hannah's jersey (a little duct tape on the inside "fixed" it well enough).  Emma's a bit of a destroyer lately! Just keeping us on our toes.

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